The coastal missile system (CMS) Bal-E, equipped with anti-ship cruise missiles (ASM) of KH-35E type, is intended for:

Pozitiv-ME1.2 active radar station is intended for round-looking scan, detection and tracking of air and surface targets, output of targeting data to the users of information.

Pozitive-ME1.2 active radar provides fulfillment of the following tasks:


  • radar observations of air and surface situation;
  • detection of air targets, including small-size, diving and low-flying targets at hedge-hopping;
  • detection of surface targets under normal and high radar observability and under superrefraction conditions;
  • determination of coordinates (azimuth, range, elevation) and motion parameters of the tracked targets;
  • state and individual identification of the tracked targets by IFF system by means of built-in antennae;
  • classification of the tracked targets according to their trajectories;
  • threat evaluation of the tracked targets;
  • automatic target distribution;
  • presentation of target distribution plan and possibility of its on-line correction;
  • output of targeting data on the tracked targets to missile weapon command systems, higher command systems and posts;
  • automated control of operating modes depending on jamming conditions;
  • automated control of serviceability and troubleshooting;
  • documentation of information concerning tracked targets, elaborated decisions, status of interfaced systems;
  • training of personnel using simulated radar situation.


Pozitive-ME1.2 active radar can be used as:


  • target detection system, detection module, radar module as a component of air defense missile/gun systems or antiaircraft missile systems;
  • surveillance radar, installed on ships of different classes as well as on land mobile facilities, fixed installations, in movable containers.


Key Specifications:


  • range of detection and tracking of targets - up to 150 km;
  • detection range to a target like “fighter” - up to 50 km;
  • elevation coverage - up to 85 grad.