For more than 40 years TYPHOON JSC has been providing secondary power supplies for shipbuilding industry and instrument-making plants.


Centrally distributed power supply system makes it possible:


  • to improve reliability and combat potential of the ship;
  • to accelerate maneuverability and velocity of the ship;
  • to decrease fuel consumption;
  • to effectively control power supply of the shipboard users in accordance with current electric demand;
  • to reduce maintenance charges;

Centrally distributed power supply system is implemented on the following products produced by TYPHOON JSC:


  • on static converters, feeding executive units, devices and secondary supply sources;
  • on devices and secondary supply sources, converting voltages of static converters to voltages, feeding the functional equipment;
  • on control algorithms permitting to effectively regulate power supply of users in accordance with the load requirements;
  • on integrated controls, check and diagnostic devices , which permit to organize operation of the system in standards mode and to provide power supply to the users according to assigned priorities in case of emergency or contingency;


Centrally distributed power supply system improves reliability and quality of transmitted energy, increases life time of the equipment and its maintainability.

Application of uniform nomenclature of “smart” static converters, devices and secondary power supplies significantly minimizes the nomenclature, quantity, physical volume and weight-dimensional characteristics of the equipment arranged on the ship and used as a part of spare parts and accessories kit.


Centrally distributed power supply system fulfills functions of conversion, monitoring, troubleshooting, control and distribution of electrical energy. To provide uninterrupted power supply of the users, the provision is made for function of automatic reconfiguration of the system in real time depending on its status, serviceability (faults and failure recognition) and preset electrical load.



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